last time lord.
Ah, hello! I'm the Doctor, nice to meet you. I'm from Gallifrey and I'm 1200 years old. I travel in the TARDIS through the stars, the planets and the time. So, would you like to join me?
[Independent Eleventh Doctor roleplay from Doctor Who. Roleplaying with anyone!~
NO NSFW. Lucy (aka the mun) doesn't like it too much and also, she's underaged (I'm 13, sweeties!)
btw, I track the "raggedymadman" tag!]

"I have to stop disappearing out of nowhere, eh? I’m sorry, but Lucy was in her exam period, but now she’s free, and tomorrow is her birthday so I don’t know when we’ll actually be around, but probably the day after tomorrow…

Yeah, I’ll do my best.”